Huh, What Judgement?

Today the world will experience the awesome occurrence of a solar eclipse.  As most see the beauty of the natural phenomena, there will be others who will point to it as a sign of God’s wrath and judgment to come.  Every time these types of things occur we have countless voices declaring with anger God is about to unleash hell on the world.   Sadly, so much of Christianity has turned into a “throw the virgin in the volcano” brand of religion.  But here is a little clue, we don’t have to throw the virgin in the volcano, God is not mad, nor is He about to unleash hell on earth against all the people who are in sin. Why?  Because the penalty of sin has already been paid in full.

I have often said publicly that God is not mad, just lots of Christians are.  Why are they so angry?  It’s because they don’t feel like they have yet worked hard enough to make themselves pleasing to God.  It is easy for us to project the image we have of ourselves on others, creating judgment towards them to reflect off the judgment we feel about ourselves. Because of so many Christians believing God is always judging them, they turn that judgment back on others.  The most crippling effect on the human heart is the pain of condemnation.  If we feel like God is condemning us, we in turn condemn others.   Simply put, when we feel like we can never measure up, we act out in accordance towards others in the name of religion.  We treat people based off what we are personally internalizing for ourselves. The most condemning, judgmental people you meet, are they, themselves feeling extremely judged and condemned because of their religious beliefs.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who made you feel like you had to walk on egg shells, always fearful you were going to say or do the wrong thing?  How did that impact you?  Did you feel like you couldn’t live up to their expectation?  Did it empower you to be at your best or did it destroy your confidence?

No one in their right mind would tell anyone to stay in that type of an abusive relationship.  So, how in our right mind do we accept the religious lie that God is this way with us?   Why do we accept and even proclaim a message that at any time God is going to turn against us if we do not measure up?  If this is your idea of God’s character, how are you possibly supposed to thrive in a relationship with Him?  The answer to that question is you cannot!  If you believe this idea about God, I promise it is effecting you negatively in every aspect of your life.  So, why keep accepting a religious belief that will dominant your entire life, causing you to be absent of the joy life is supposed to be filled with?  How sad would it be to lay on our death beds realizing we missed out on life because of a lie we believed?

All of this sounds good but what about the proof that God is not really judging the world or even you?  You want proof that God is not judging you or anyone?  Okay, I will lay it out for you.  Look at what Jesus, Himself tells us in John 12:31&32.  “NOW is the judgement of this WORLD, now the ruler of the world will be cast out.  And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all peoples to Myself”.  Within this scripture is the proof that God IS NOT judging the world, nor will He ever do so again.

Let’s break down what Jesus reveals through this statement.  First notice Jesus says, “NOW is the judgement of the world.”  If the judgment was back then, then there is no judgment for today.  Second, notice Jesus then says, “Now the ruler of the world will be cast out.”  Who was the ruler of the world at that time, was it God?   It certainly could not have been God because if it were, why would God cast himself out?  It was Satan and what does scripture say he does?  He is the accuser of the brethren.  He can only accuse those who are guilty in need of judgment.  But when guilt is removed, how can he accuse any further, therefore where is the judgement?  Guilt has been forever removed, voiding him from being able to rule any further through accusing and judging.  He has been cast out of the court of law so to speak.

The last and most crucial point is within the last statement Jesus made. “If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all peoples to myself.”  The obvious understanding within the first half of this last statement is referring to Jesus being lifted on the cross.  What we are missing that is very important for us to understand is that God is not judging us and unleashing hell on earth is in the last part of this statement.   Look at it again. “I will draw all peoples to myself.”  Why do we miss the power that is in this statement?   Because it was translated incorrectly.  Notice the word ‘peoples’ is in italics.

When a word in scripture is in italics that means it was not part of the original language but added by the translators in their attempt to help it make more sense of what was being said. Sadly, they got this one way wrong causing many to miss the real power behind Jesus’ words.  When we read this in context it is easy to see that the subject matter was not people but instead judgement.  Jesus was revealing to us that He would take all judgment upon Himself because of Him being lifted up on the cross.

This understanding is problematic for all the ‘doom and gloom’  preachers declaring that God is angry and about to judge the world.  Because He already did, two thousand years ago.  Jesus became sin on the cross, taking on the entire judgement of the world, paying the penalty of sin once and for all.  If God is still judging the world today, then He would have to apologize to Jesus for all He endured on the cross.  There is no more judgement to unleash because it was already unleashed once and for all.  So, let me ask you, where is the judgment and now knowing this truth, how does that change your relationship with God?   I have good news for you, He is for you today, tomorrow and for all your life.

Changing how the World Views God,

Pastor B

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