I’M New

Jesus Christ

and Him Crucified

That pretty much sums up what Reveal Church is all about.

“The gospel of grace is not a new message but the original message of the church.”


At Reveal Church you will feel welcome from the moment you arrive until the time you leave. We are a church that desires to serve you in every way we can. When you leave one of our services, we hope that you left with an experience that represents how much God and we as a local church value you. We do not look to people to build Reveal Church, but we want Reveal to be a place where people are built up. We look forward to shaking your hand.

Dress Code

Come as you are and dress whichever way you’re comfortable. As a grace church, we want people to feel comfortable with who they are. If coat and tie are who you are, then please feel free to come dressed to impress. If dressing casual is your desire, then feel free to come casual as well. When you come to Reveal Church you will see all different styles, simply because we are a church of all different types of people and we like it that way.


What we desire above anything else concerning our worship service, is that we provide excellence without it becoming a performance. Corporate worship is a place where we should all be able to leave feeling we made a real connection with God in our hearts. We aim to create an environment that all people with every background, young and old, can have an opportunity to be refreshed and inspired as that connection with God is made.

Children & Youth

Our desire for youth is that we lay a foundation of God’s unconditional acceptance and love towards them from the earliest age on. This is one of the most important goals of our grace church. We know that youth are at a very impressionable state and we want them to have the correct view and opinion of God. We believe it is important that children of all ages learn that they do not have to fear God but they can run to Him regardless of their situation in life.



10:30 am

Global & Local Outreach

If you have any questions you may call the church office at 813-442-1020 or email us at contact@revealchurch.com.